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sâmbătă, 12 octombrie 2013

The problem with spirituality :)

Luca Oprea
remember the michael jordan analogy?

 8/2, 11:48am
Corinna Green

 8/2, 11:49am
Luca Oprea
then I probably didn't tell you about it
it's like this
if you didn't know about basketball
and you met michael jordan
and he described the act of dunking to you
you know, there a 3m tall basket and I jump and I put a ball into it
you would believe him, because he is a tall athletic black dude
but if a pigmey tried doing the same thing
you would not fucking believe his story
because he's a little fragile midget looking dude
allright, so this is the problem with spirituality
too many fragile midget looking dudes trying to "spread the teaching"
but it's not believable
they have no skill of their own, no realization, no OUMPH
yes, obviously, you now know that mantras are a very powerful thing and that done the right way, mantras are the most profound way of changing everything
because they can initiate, drive and complete growth, they can erase bad karma, unstick good karma, create infinite conditions, and so on
but still, the fact remains that part of the deal is that you have to become michael jordan within reality, and function in that great manner
otherwise, it's just a pyrdamid sceheme
it's just midgets selling each other stories

 8/2, 11:54am
Luca Oprea
it's not about impressing them
that's just a small aspect
it's about being the real deal
about becoming the functioning proof
being the essence, functioning as the essence, without any doubts, and everything flows
and this is not advice, or an opinion, but the only possible way
because anything else is just a lie, a pyramid scheme
like permaculture "teachers" making a living selling courses
if they were capable of doing permaculture they wouldn't have to sell courses
but oh bla bla bla and bla bla bla
NO, enough, everybody needs to shut the fuck up and accept this
it applies to everything
enough excuses, enough about how hard it is
you either do it, or you don't, you either win, or you don't
and this is about winning for the sake of fundamental nature, and about winning for the sake of every being
and that's it
this is what I was telling you on the phone
there's no time for bragging, there's no time for talking about auras and shit
because it's hard enough without turning it into a pyramid scheme
it's hard, there's obstacles, sickness, adversaries
and you just gotta buckle up and drive through it
that's what I was telling you about. there's no yesterday. no matter how great you were yesterday, if today you're sick, if today you're slow, you gotta deal with it, and you STILL have to function
it's neverending, and eventually, you become neverending too
this is the michael jordan analogy. you gotta be great, you gotta function within reality, and you have to do it endlessly and master everything, no excuses
and there's going to be hardships, maybe fear, maybe doubt, but even those, you have to treat them as nothing but mind and just drive through them
there is only one way of winning. understand fundamental nature, understand the whole universe within it, all its functions, understand the nature of all of it, and then master it and function within it, and also function independently of it