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vineri, 18 decembrie 2009

Project Pitchfork - The spoken mirror ( cateva versuri pe tema adevarului din noi)

It's inside me and you
Covered with excuses
Hidden very good
I forgot where it was
I never look at it too long
It attracts my interest
As soon as I focus
It's doubting itself and me

Leave me alone in here
I'm too weak to stand a light
You'll regret what you'll see
Because you know you are like me
I'll let your fears come true
I'll show you what you really fear
You better leave me alone
And think your way

Of course I have the answer
It's locked in here
But it's combined with what you fear
Nothing you see can scare you deeper
Than not being in control of yourself
But if you ignore your nature
You lose control over everything

And without control over yourself
You're living your fears
Rather than solving them
And that's irresponsible
And see - external control is an illusion
But everyone is trying to get it so desperate
That the idea of its uselessness
Is becoming really scary

And now I leave you alone
With your fear which is ruling the world

Melodia e si pe youtube (ma mir ca n-o cenzureaza si pe-asta)

Despre sclavia moderna...din nou!

Coincidenta oare? Acelasi documentar, unul postat pe youtube, altul pe stagevu, a fost banat conform nu stiu caror legi....Oh well, l-am gasit din nou.De data asta, pe site-ul oficial